Should I Lease or Buy a Car?

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Should I lease or buy a car? This is a question that many people looking for a new car are asking. Read here to find out the answers you need.

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Deciding whether to lease or buy a car is an important choice. It depends on a lot of factors, mostly being your budget, lifestyle, and needs from the car. 

About a third of US consumers lease cars, which is a record high. Is this increasing trend due to a financial advantage or is it need-based?  

And most importantly, is it a wiser financial choice to lease or buy a car? Let's break it down.  

Should You Lease or Buy a Car? The Pros and Cons of Each

Getting a new car is a big commitment. You have to figure out the car that fits your taste, lifestyle, and budget. Once you have a sense of what you like and want, it's important to consider whether you should lease or buy a car.

Leasing Pros:

  • Lower monthly payments
  • Lower (or no) down payment
  • For many, leasing can afford them a nicer car than they could buy
  • You don't have to worry about selling the car when you're done with it, just hand over the keys at the end of your lease
  • You can get a new car every few years
  • Pay less sales tax than buying
  • Standard maintenance is usually taken care of by the warranty for the entire term of the lease

Leasing Cons: 

  • You're paying for the depreciation of the vehicle 
  • You have no equity from the vehicle
  • Your payments carry less value: you have no monetary stake in the vehicle at the end of your lease
  • Usually, there is an annual mileage limit on leased cars, and it's costly to go over that limit
  • Wear and tear fees: if there is any damage to the car or anything about it is different from the way you first acquired it: you'll end up paying extra to return the car to its original condition. 
  • Leases typically are costly to break early

Buying Pros: 

  • Every payment is an investment, providing you with long term savings even if the monthly payments are higher than leasing
  • Use the car as much as you want without worrying about mileage fees racking up
  • Upgrade the car or otherwise modify it as you please
  • Buying provides you with the flexibility to sell the car whenever you choose 
  • Trade-in value can save you a ton when you decide to buy a new car
  • Once you finish making payments to your lender, the car and its equity are yours!

Buying Cons: 

  • Higher down payment and monthly payments
  • You are responsible for all maintenance after warranty
  • you end up paying more sales tax

Conclusion: Lease or Buy a Car?

Buying is a better financial choice in the long-run, if you can keep up with the higher payments. Once you buy your next car, you'll get a big chunk of change back from selling or trading in your car. 

Leasing is a viable option if you don't plan to keep a car for more than a few years, such as if you are in college or temporarily relocating for business and don't drive more than the term mileage in your lease. 

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