Understanding Student Loans

Posted : March 09, 2016

Student Loans

A student loan can be a convenient way of offsetting your college or university tuition, be a way to buy books and pay for some of your living expenses.

Its popular among scholars as it’s slightly different from other types of loans mostly due to...

Travel Insurance and Why You need it On Your Next Vacation

Posted : March 03, 2016

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance might just be the last thing on your mind when planning a holiday. However, there are many benefits to covering your trip especially if it’s a long haul. In a crisis situation, travel insurance can be the best thing you can...

Applying For Your First Car Loan

Posted : March 03, 2016

car loans

When you finally find your dream car and you are not in the best financial position to pay for it, what do you do? Most people will opt for a financial boost from a bank or other type of lender. If you do settle for the option of taking a loan to...

Why You Need Car Insurance

Posted : February 24, 2016

Car Insurance

Car insurance is not only a legal requirement that you need for your car as it also offers assured financial coverage in case your vehicle is damaged.

It also helps provide necessary cover for any injuries afflicted to other drivers and...

Proper Health Insurance and Where to Get It

Posted : February 24, 2016

proper health insurance

It is never anyone’s plan to get sick or injured, but eventually when it does happen at some point in our lives, we all need medical care.

In modern times, medical care is advancing in terms of treatment methods and innovations and this also...

Reasons You Need a Personal Loan

Posted : February 16, 2016


There are times when a personal loan can act as the last viable option for your financial dilemma.

This can be down to a few several factors. We live in unpredictable economic times and you may find yourself faced with a situation that demands an extra hand to help offset a certain financial hurdle.

How to Get Your Personal Loan Approved

Posted : February 13, 2016


Once in a while we all need a financial pick-me up to solve some of the financial hurdles we inevitably come across. Some of these hurdles come in the form of basic expenses like medical bills, home improvements, weddings, family emergencies etc

A personal loan is ideal for this situations as it does not force you to put up your car, house or any other property as collateral should you default on payment as it relies on reputation.

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